convenient. delicious. guilt-free.

High-quality fats to add to your diet. Anywhere, anytime.

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convenient. delicious. guilt-free.

High quality fats to add to your diet. Anytime, anywhere.

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100% Organic
Organic Grassfed Butter
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Why Choose Adapted Fats?


We decided to take it upon ourselves to take the guess work out of blending your fats for your coffee, tea or however you like to consume them.

You have enough things to think about - let us unburden your cognitive overload. Adapted is created with the on - the - go lifestyle in mind.You are hustling, maintaining a social life, eating well and staying fit. Why should you compromise - ever?


Adapted is formulated with clean, healthy and responsibly sourced ingredients. We chose the highest quality product available because we want to ensure that convenience doesn’t cost you quality.


Imagine pouring a hot cup of coffee and just add a packet of Adapted Fats - for a creamy, nourishing and fulfilling cup of coffee and fuel.

We formulated Adapted to not overpower or change the flavor of your favorite foods or drinks. With a blend of coconut oil, ghee, stevia and salt  we found a balance that people are loving!

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Adapted Fats: Fuel For Your Hunt

Eat it straight out of the pack for a quick burst of energy.

Blend into your morning cup of coffee.

Use it in a cast iron skillet to sauté up meat and veggies.

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